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In response to the needs of many customers, richard mille replica equipped with automatic winding mechanism. The new watch is equipped with a variable geometry oscillating weight, so that it can be adjusted according to the wearer winding activities. Another precedent is the series creators, bottom of the table using the anti-glare sapphire crystal mirror, can enjoy the movement precision operation from all angles. Richard mille replica watches biggest feature is light, worn on the wrist basically do not feel its weight, without manually winding automatic mechanical watch is powered by the swing arm for the movement. Therefore, make sure to wear every day more than eight hours in order to ensure accurate travel time. Richard Mille and electric Formula One World Championship shared the spirit of exploration, whether it is the environment, energy, and performance, are constantly looking for the ultimate challenge. Fake Richard Mille Watch the grade 5 titanium RMAC2 automatic movement driven, functional excellence, variable inertia balance wheel, flyback chronograph, calendar, large date display and dual time function. RM 60-01 watches display four more match-faceted rotating bezel and a timer with 24 hours of 360 dial, with excellent navigation features. RM 60-01 is more superior than the other navigational watch, able to south, the northern hemisphere of the pointing direction of the wearer, without the need for additional calculation of the bearing. Richard mille operating principle based on the following two points: the local time and position of the sun. To calculate the exact position, need to point the display UTC position of the sun, and press the 9 o'clock position UTC buttons, bezel will rotate until UTC index and ring shown in Table scale local time consistent. In this case, the truck bezel point will coincide with the surface orientation. Richard Mille RM 60-01 with similar watch different reason, thanks to its ability in the northern and southern hemispheres can be pointed to, this operation without additional calculations. As an additional security measure, button chronograph set the fast locking and unlocking mechanism. For chronograph lock (red arrow) or unlock (green arrow) when needed fast rotating bezel, which can easily be avoided reading chronograph inadvertently changed.

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