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Technomarine Swiss watches have become synonymous in the watch world with elegance, fashion, and innovation. Born from the creative genius of French sportsman Franck Dubarry, the brand began as the unimaginable. He had combined plastic, diamonds, and sport-watch technology. His design was revolutionary, his legacy timeless. His designs are unique and sporty yet sophisticated. What began as a "vacation" watch for land and sea, has become a brand of Swiss made watches know for their adventurous integrity. Technomarine`s newest collection features truly standout pieces such as the Hummer watch and the Abyss, which can withstand pressure up to 10,900 meters! Other collections include: the Diva Dimitri, Techno Square, Lady Sport, T Max, TMY, and many more. Designs that embody the best that life, sea, and land have to offer.

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