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On December 7, 2009 my wife purchased me a Casio Riseman from here on Ebay for $60.00 and free shipping. When it came in a few days latter, she just wrapped it up and put it under the Christmas Tree and on Christmas Day, I opened it up and it was packed in a cheap clear plastic bag with stick glue closing the opened end and that was put in a small bubble wrap rolled in a larger bubble wrap peice and right off the bat I new it was a fake/replica of the Casio Riseman. I did'nt have the heart to tell her about it right away so after we all had opened up our gifts, I made my way back to my PC and started reading up on the watches, the Fake ones and the Real ones. I emailed the seller and the more I thought about it, I went ahead and filled a complaint with Ebay, Paypal, and I even went the extra step as to inform Casio and my local FBI field office internet cyber crimes division and my local police department of what had happened. By that evening, the seller had fully refunded my money for the watch. I went and looked at the listing page for it and it said that it wa a brand new watch with out box and tha there were a choice of 3 colors for the round graph display ring. It also sis not say anything about nothing working on the watch and in the photos they had up, you could look at the watch and see just about everything I have stated above about the watch that would make it a FAKE!

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